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Global Worming News, Issue #102
March 05, 2014



I hope you are well,the sun is shining and life is treating you well.

In today's worm composting news letter I want tell you about some of the great benefits of worm composting.

"There are many Worm composting benefits you can expect when you start to recycle with earthworms!"

Firstly it is a really easy way to recycle organic waste products.

In fact it is much simpler than the traditional aerobic composting process and offers plenty of reasons why you should become a worm farmer! If you care for the environment, love your garden and enjoy

growing your own fruit and vegetables you should not hesitate to get your first worm farm.

It is fun and the rewards are plenty Below you will find a list of good reasons why you should convert your kitchen- and garden waste into nutrient rich organic fertilizers.


Check out some of the Worm composting benefits below…

It requires very little space

It does not produce bad smells

It does not produce green house gases

It can be done outdoors and indoors

It can process organic waste in a short time

It saves you money on fertilizers, soil conditioners and pesticides

It produces Worm Tea (liquid worm castings) which is both a natural pest repellent and organic fertilizer

It produces Worm Castings which are amongst the best organic fertilizers known to man

It produces a surplus of earthworms or compost worms which can improve your garden's soil in many ways

It produces a continues supply of big fat fishing worms

It takes less than 10 minutes of maintenance per week

It can be easily turned into a profitable worm composting business.


The points listed above are just some of the compelling reasons why more and more people are getting hooked by the humble earthworm.

One of the possibly biggest worm composting benefits is the fact that it makes a contribution for a better environment.

Many environmental conscious people started their own worm bin to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce the pressure on landfill sites and assist in the fight against global warming. Large mature Compost worm

Unfortunately millions of tons of wet waste are still dumped on landfill sites where they decompose airless and produce methane gas that is contributing to global warming.

Gardeners all over the world use Worm castings produced in their worm bins to grow the most beautiful flowers, healthiest fruit and vegetables and the greenest lawns you can imagine.


The list goes on and on… So if you haven't got your worm farm going, why not starting today? It's easy and doesn't cost you a lot!

If you want to find out more about worm farming or have a question you would like me to write about just go to worm-composting-help. You should find all the information you need to successfully manage your worm bin.

If you have additional questions just post them on one of our contact forms on our site and I will gladly assist you.

I wish you a great day!

Till next time.

Happy worming :-)

Stephan Kloppert

Author of How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget

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