You can start
a profitable worm business and make money from home

A worm business is an excellent way to create an income from home. In times where the living expenses are increasing much faster than the income, we all have to find ways to make ends meet.

Yes we can reduce our spending, but there is only so much one can do to reduce the costs. Many concerned people have already thrown overboard a lot of hobbies and activities they used to enjoy in previous times but still the bills seem to be coming in like an endless stream.

Many households are basically running on survival mode for the last 5 to 10 days of every month because there is no more money left and they worry how to make it to the next pay day.

Others don't even have a job or recently lost their means of income and it seems like a miracle that they and their families are surviving.

With better paying jobs not being accessible for many what can be done to generate some extra cash?

I have been there about 17 years ago and felt as if I where between a rock and a hard place! As it seemed impossible to find the kind of work I was qualified for I decided to start my own business. After all if I where my own boss it was just up to me to make my home business opportunity work.

There are a lot of people making money from home these days but my problem was that I had only a small budget or should I say no budget to speak off to invest into my future.

I researched many home business opportunities but many of them either didn't strike my interest or the start up costs where just to high for me.

Then one day I learned about the possibility of making money with earthworms. I researched the topic of worm farming for a while and was quickly convinced that a worm business would be the answer I was looking for.

I liked the idea of a green business and the start up costs for my backyard worm farm where extremely low.

My book

" How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

is the result of my personal experiences of many years as a commercial worm farmer.

Some customer reviews of the book

Starting a worm business

I got my first batch of compost worms in 1997 and started my first worm business "Global Worming" in 1998. Although already a multimillion dollar industry, worm farming is still a niche market and the demand for worms is still outstripping the supply till this day. 

I was working from home and started my worm business from scratch. I started with just one worm bin initially and consistently multiplied my worm herd in my backyard.

The author with his mum's dog "Kerry"The author with his mum's dog "Kerry"

It took less than 2 month before I started to make some money. Not a lot initially but my worms where breeding like crazy and there where a lot of keen fisherman and gardeners who wanted worms to support their hobbies.

Within a year I had developed my own range of worm farms and was selling worms, worm castings and worm tea to private customers as well as to retail outlets.

I've worked in many different companies but I must say that compost worms are by far the least demanding colleges or employees I have ever had :-). They don't moan, don't demand a salary, work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are happy if i  just supply them with some organic waste and keep their home moist and cool.

I've run a worm business for more than 15 years and it has been my only source of income for a long, long time now. 

In 2013 I decided to write down all I had learned during this process and published my book "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget" I believe the book with its detailed step by step descriptions will enable you to start your own worm business and will help you to make money from home.

Order your printed copy here

or the

Kindle Version here

Once you have worked through the book you should be able to:

  1. Raise and multiply earthworms
  2. Build your own functional and commercially marketable worm farm(s)
  3. Know what to feed your worms and where to get the food for very little money or possibly for free
  4. Protect your worms against the elements and their natural predators
  5. Produce and harvest worm castings (potentially the world’s richest organic fertilizer)
  6. Produce worm tea and worm leachate (liquidized worm castings) 
  7. Know how to package, price, brand and deliver your worms and worm related products
  8. Offer work-shops to the public and potential clients that explain the basics of worm composting
  9. Build a range of commercially marketable worm farms
  10. Market your worm farms, worms, worm castings and worm tea to millions of potential customers, i.e. nurseries, garden centers, fishermen, gardeners, pet owners, private households (that want to recycle their food and garden scraps), restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, zoos...! The list goes on and on!
  11. Generate an income and run a profitable worm farming business

If you are looking for an affordable way to generate extra income from your home or backyard than worm farming can be a great solution for you! The industry is still growing and my book will teach you all you need to know to get your profitable business of the ground.

Here is what verified readers had to say!

"This is a great book! It's well written and has great information for starting a worm business. If you are just interested in increasing your worm herd, it has a section on that too, with detailed instructions on how to do that. No crazy tricks, just straight forward, useable information."

Kimberly from the United States

"This book is the best I have read on worms.
Everything about building a worm farm is described."

Hubertus from Germany


"This is a great book. The author has written a step by step, easy to read book on worm farming. I found the book informative, well written and oftentimes humorous. It is clear that the author knows his product.

I would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in starting a business in worm farming or to avid gardeners and those wishing to do something that is positive for the environment. It is a very cost efficient and simple business"

Dinisha from South Africa


Order your printed copy here

or the

Kindle Version here

The Book covers the following:


  • Can  one really make money with earthworms?


  • How much space is required?
  • What will I need to get started?



You will learn how to produce a wide range of commercially marketable worm farms like the one in this pictureYou will learn how to produce a wide range of commercially marketable worm farms like the one in this picture
  • The 4 basic components you'll need to start a   worm business:

  • Worm bedding
  • What can be used as bedding
  • How can it be obtained or prepared

  • Worm food
  • What do worms eat
  • Where to get worm food
  • How to get worm food for free
  • Getting paid for collecting worm food
  • How to prepare the food

  • Worm bins /boxes /farms
  • What are worm bins
  • What requirements do they have to fullfil
  • The different kinds of worm bins on a worm farm

  • Worms
  • What kind of worms should be used
  • Amazing multiplication of worms
  • Breeding cycle of compost worms 
  • How to get hold of worms
  • Different ways to harvest worms


Compost worms at workCompost worms at work


  • Protection against extreme temperatures
  • Protection against the sun
  • Protection against flooding
  • Protection in Summer
  • Protection in Winter



  • Potential predators of compost worms
  • How protect worms from their natural                              enemies



  • Creatures that might live or invade a worm farm
  • How to deal with other worm farm residents



  • When worms want to escape
  • Acidity in worm farms
  • Overcrowded worm bins
  • Worms migrate in wet weather
  • A simple way to rescue worms from the sun



You will learn how to harvest worm castings (worm poop) which the worms produce in abundance and package and sell it with high profit margins.You will learn how to harvest worm castings (worm poop) which the worms produce in abundance and package and sell it with high profit margins.

  • An amazing natural plant food and soil conditioner
  • How to harvest and package worm castings



You will learn how to produce and bottle worm tea which is a valuable liquid plant food and natural pesticideYou will learn how to produce and bottle worm tea which is a valuable liquid plant food and natural pesticide

  • Liquidized worm castings
  • Positive attributes of worm tea
  • How to brew worm tea



  • Detailed list of many potential markets for your business
  • Markets for worms
  • Markets for worm farms
  • Markets for fertilizer mixes
  • Markets for worm castings
  • Markets for worm tea
  • Markets for worm tea brewing kits
  • Potential wholesale and retail markets
  • Making money online



  • How to package and sell your products
  • Worms for worm farms
  • Worms for freshwater fishing
  • Bottling worm tea
  • Worm casting bags and labels
  • Producing your own range of commercial worm bins



  • Choosing a business name and developing some promotional material
  • Finding out who your competitors are and what products, services and prices they offer
  • How to find potential customers     
  • Entering the market
  • Internet marketing with or without a website
  • The backbone of a business website
  • Interacting with potential customers


Order your printed copy here

or the

Kindle Version here


  • Choosing the right way to deliver your products
  • Making sure your worms arrive alive



  • Choosing the right payment terms





  • Set up and maintenance instructions for 2- and 3 tier worm farms






This comprehensive book will show you step by step all you need to know to start a sustainable and profitable worm business. 

Right now it is offered at extremely low prices!

Act now and either

Order the paperback book here

or the

Digital version on the Kindle here


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