Can I use normal earthworms for my worm farm?

by Melinda
(Werribee, Victoria, Australia)



I would like to know if it is fine to use the normal everyday earthworms for my worm farm?

How much do they cost for 500 or 1000 please?


Hello Melinda,

you raised there an interesting question about earthworms. There are several thousand of different kinds of earthworms that can be found all around the world. Most of them can not be used to recycle organic waste with the help of earthworms in worm farms. They are either slow eating worms or slow breeding ones and are therefore not commercially viable.

There are however a few select worm species that will do a great job turning kitchen waste into nutrient rich plant foods.

You can find some more information about the different kinds of earthworms and the specific compost worms at


The most widely used worm in worm farms that recycles large amounts of organic waste is called "Eisenia fetida" It goes by many different common names, Red wriggler, compost worm and tiger worm are amongst the most common ones used.

It would be best if you would locate a commercial worm farmer in Australia that can supply you with compost worms.

If you go to our "worm-business-directory-Australia"

you will find a list of worm suppliers in Australia that would most probably gladly sell you a batch of worms.

Kind regards and all the best for your worm composting project.

Stephan Kloppert

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