Worm farming is fun and rewarding!
Do you know the 12 biggest Worm composting benefits?


"There are many Worm composting benefits you can expect when you start to recycle with earthworms!" Firstly it is a really easy way to recycle organic waste products.

In fact it is much simpler than the traditional aerobic composting process and offers plenty of reasons why you should become a worm farmer! If you care for the environment, love your garden and enjoy growing your own fruit and vegetables you should not hesitate to get your first worm farm.

It is fun and the rewards are plenty Below you will find a list of good reasons why you should convert your kitchen- and garden waste into nutrient rich organic fertilizers.


Check out some of the Worm composting benefits below…

  1. It requires very little space
  2. It does not produce bad smells.
  3. It does not produce green house gases
  4. It can be done outdoors and indoors.
  5. It can process organic waste in a short time
  6. It saves you money on fertilizers, soil conditioners and pesticides
  7. It produces Worm Tea (liquid worm castings) which is both a natural pest repellent and organic fertilizer
  8. It produces Worm Castings which are amongst the best organic fertilizers known to man
  9. It produces a surplus of earthworms or compost worms which can improve your garden's soil in many ways
  10. It produces a continues supply of big fat fishing worms
  11. It takes less than 10 minutes of maintenance per week
  12. It can be easily turned into a profitable worm composting business.

The points listed above are just some of the compelling reasons why more and more people are getting hooked by the humble earthworm.

Worm composting benefits


I’ve run my first worm business for more than 13 years and during that time I came across people from all walks of life who wanted to start worm composting.

Many clients just wanted to use the compost worms as high protein food source for their animals!

We sold worms to...

  • Breeders of birds of pray
  • Fish keepers (Aquarium and Pond fish)
  • Toad and frog owners
  • The owner of an exotic monkey.

One of the possibly biggest worm composting benefits is the fact that it makes a contribution for a better environment.

Many environmental conscious people started their own worm bin to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce the pressure on landfill sites and assist in the fight against global warming.

Large mature Compost worm A large mature Compost worm.


Unfortunately millions of tons of wet waste are still dumped on landfill sites where they decompose airless and produce methane gas that is contributing to global warming.

Gardeners all over the world use Worm castings produced in their worm bins to grow the most beautiful flowers, healthiest fruit and vegetables and the greenest lawns you can imagine.


We have supplied many senior citizens with small worm farms

who use them to produce nutrient rich plant food to give to their indoor plants and generate a little income on the side!

Many children love worms and are learning as young citizens about the benefits worm farming can bring to themselves and the environment.

The list goes on and on…


If you have any questions you can post them in the form below and we will answer them asap!


Worms fight against climate change


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