Worms convert dog poop into plant food.

Dealing with dog poop is probably one of the things every dog owner dreads! There are indeed millions of nicer topics to talk about than dog waste! But let's face it every proud owner of a German Shepherd, Jack Russel, 

Husky or any other breed will have to make a plan to get rid of his or her best friends waste. All dog feces can be annoying, smelly and even the cause of disease. There are a lot of bacteria in dog waste including E. coli, and salmonella.

Using worm composting
to get rid of dog poop!

Probably the most common way to deal with dog waste is to send the children into the garden or backyard on a regular basis to scoop up the smelly piles and throw them into the rubbish bin.

This way we get rid of the problem in our backyard but the animal waste would still be dumped on the municipal landfill sites and pose a threat to the communal health.

A much better way to deal with dog waste is to use earthworms or better composting worms to convert the dog shit into nutrient rich worm castings.

Dog excrement's, are an excellent food source for earthworms. Worms don’t have teeth and can only feed on soft decomposing materials. We have a worm bin or as I call it a “Pet poop composter” in the backyard that has been running exclusively on dog poop for close to 15 years now.

The worms seem to be happy and their breeding activity in those worm bins is exceptional.

Some of the benefits of using compost worms to recycle your dog poop are:


  • No bad odors in the back yard or garden (healthy worm bins never smell)
  • Reduction of waste rotting on landfill sites

  • Constant production of worms that will recycle organic waste

  • Constant supply of fat worms for freshwater fishing
  • Constant production of worms that can be sold for extra income
  • Production of worm castings which can be used to fertilize flowers, trees and lawns, but should not be used to feed fruit and vegetables.


To get started you first will have to buy or build a worm bin.

Follow these links to find out more about worm bins and how to start a worm bin.

Then get hold of some earth worms for breeding stock.

The most popular worms are Eisenia fetida worms, commonly known as compost worms, red worms or red wigglers.

If you can't get them, then use European Night crawlers. They will work well too.

Depending on the size of your dogs, you should add at least 500 to 1000 worms to the worm bin.

The bigger your worm bin the more worms you can add. Worms tend to grow bigger if they don't feel crowded.

To set up you’re worm composting bin to recycle your dog waste go to Starting a worm farm and follow the instructions! 

A simple homemade worm bin.A simple homemade worm bin.

Note: we have worked with dog waste for many years now and never had any health issues but it is good practice to either wear rubber gloves or use a plastic bag when scooping up the dog feces.

If you have any questions, you can post them in the form below and we will answer them asap!


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