Compost worms can perish in hot weather conditions!

Getting your worms ready for the hot weather of Summer is an important step for every worm farmer. So no matter if you are a novice or have composted your household and 

garden waste for years, preparing your worms for temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit / 30 degrees Centigrade can be absolutely vital to prevent the loss of your entire worm herd.

Although there are a few types of worms that are used around the world for domestic- and commercial worm composting the probably most popular kind of worm used by far is Eisenia fetida or Eisenia foetida. It is a small and hardy creature that has a big appetite for a wide variety of organic decaying materials and can handle temperatures between 41 degrees F / 5 degrees C and as mentioned above conditions as warm as 86 degrees F / 30 C.

Compost worms can perish in hot weather conditions!

Extreme hot conditions inside the worm bin that exceed those limits can lead to the death of the entire worm herd.

But luckily there are quite a few steps you can take to protect your worms from those extremes. One of the most obvious things you could do is to find a shaded place for your worm farm that prevents a direct exposure to full sun during the heat of the day. However, a little sun in the morning or late afternoon could usually be alright. 

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