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HELP- Can I add fresh food scraps to my worm bin? 
Hi there, recently I have started(newbie) vermicomposting in a 5-gallon DIY bin with a pound of worms and added semi-done (cooled down!) kitchen compost …

Earthworms for a worm farm in Cyprus 
Hi guys I wanted to buy earthworms for my 3 buckets layer system. Do you sell them? If yes, do you do delivery or have a place close to Limassol? Thanks! …

Help! I don't know what the white bugs in my worm bin are 
Hey guys I have many of these whiteish little thing in my worm bin, can you pls see what it is and how to get rid of them? thanks

Help for Ukraines population 
Hi I am a volunteer in Kherson region in Ukraine and I must admit that the situation has become extremely dire. The Russian forces are intensifying …

Horse Manure used green in worm farms? 
Hi, I have a horse farm where we pick 13 stalls out daily. It does have some shavings/sawdust in it. I'm just getting started with my research and developing …

Unknown pests in my worm bin 
Hi, Thx for your great website. I also purchased your fantastic book. But I have some pests in my worm farm I don't know. Do you have an idea? …

Guestblogger inquiry at 
Hello there! Hope you are doing great! I am a freelancer and lately I faced with managing my online business and my team, so your website content turned …

Too many worms? Worms are balling up!? 
Hi - I recently started a worm bin and the farm I ordered the worms from screwed up my order a few times, so to “make up for it” they sent me 3 lbs of …

Worms on the edges of my freshwater spring. Can they be used in a worm farm? 
I have a fresh water spring in my back yard. I have seen these worms on the edges of the water sometimes. Are they earthworms, and can they be harvested …

Cardboard in worm bins 
Hi! I keep reading about using cardboard as worm food. I am wondering about the chemicals in cardboard.i have read that newer news print is more earth …

Babyworm exodus from worm bin 
Hi I will try to keep this short...We have a somewhat new worm bin (11 weeks), rocky start, took it back two weeks later to the composter that gave …

Eisenia fetida supply 
Hi there,Firstly, congratulations on your your book - it's really insightful! I was just wondering whether it is possible to obtain some Eisenia fetida …

My Adult Worms Seem to be Dying 
I have a flow-through bin up off the ground that is 29" wide x 41" long x 22" high. It has a hinged lid. I bought 1,000 Red Wriggler worms to start. …

Can I use dog food as worm food? 
Hi can you use dog food as worm food?

How to get rid of Ants in a worm bin 
We are located in central Oregon, near Bend. Local black ants just moved in, but the worms seem to be coexisting so far. How do I increase the moisture …

How to verify the earthworm species in your worm bin 
Hi Stephan, Firstly, I would like to say that I really enjoyed reading your book. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting into the worm …

Is pineapple bad for earthworms? 
To whom it may concern, I have placed some pineapple slices (without the skin) in my worm bin. I read that pineapples can have an adverse effect on …

Composting dog poop 
I am interested in using worms to compost dog poop. What size of a container would you use if we have 2 dogs (1 medium breed, 1 large breed). Thanks!! …

Staubsaugerbeutel-Inhalt in die Wurmfarm? 
Hallo Stephan, danke fuer dein Buch. Die Texte sind sehr verständlich geschrieben. Schade finde ich nur, dass die Fotos s/w sind, in Farbe wären sie …

Worms escaping into bottom bin? 
Hi There, I have two worm farms running. The one I bought, the other home made. The one I bought has been up and running for about a year now and the …

Vermicompost based on the soil structure and the type of plants 
Hello this is Mehmet from Turkey. My team and me have been following this vermicompost work for over 1 year and we are ready to make this business. And …

Can worms recycle the contents of Dry Urine Diverting Toilets? 
Hello I have a question about "Dry urine diverting toilets (U. D. D. T. s)", sometimes referred to as "composting toilets" which is actually a name for …

How to get ants out of a worm farm and other interesting questions about starting a worm farm 
Hello Stephan, Thank you for such a great resource it is a very informative site. I'm new to worm farming but am very keen to start a small business. …

Unhappy worms? Can a worm farm be to wet? 
We heard from worm bins some weeks before and tried it. So we bough some bins and made wholes in there. The first days our worms were very happy and were …

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Do worms need a balanced Diet? 
I'm new to vermicomposting and appreciate advice from those who have 'been there, done that'. My question is concerning a 'balanced diet' for my worms. …

Composting leaves and grass clippings 
Hi Every autumn the amount of leaves falling in my complex is cleaned up and put into black plastic bags (100's of bags) and sent to the landfill. I …

Avoiding acid in worm beds. 
I've seen cautions many times about not feeding citrus and several other foods to compost worms because of the acid problem. I've always fed any vegetable …

Egesoll; finest vermicompost looking for trade partners  Not rated yet
Dear madam, sir   I would like to introduce our company producing vermicompost and inform you about our products and potential trade and partnering opportunities …

How many worms can I raise in my worm bins? Not rated yet
Question: Hello, I recently set up 3 worm bins, each made from an 8 foot satellite dish laid on top of old truck tires. I have around 150 square …

Getting Rid of ants in a worm farm Not rated yet
Ants have invaded my worm containers and just keep multiplying. How can I get rid of them without harming my worms? Please contact me. ANSWER: …

Kompliment fuer top Arbeit und einige Fragen zur Wurmkompostierung Not rated yet
Hallo Stephan, habe heute vergebens versucht, Ihr Buch im Buchhandel zu bestellen, nun uebers Internet bestellt. Habe einige Fragen: welche Methode hat …

Separating dog poop from worm castings? Not rated yet
I was wondering how one would go about separating the worm castings from the dog poop. I'd imagine it to be difficult if the dog poop is soft or crumbly, …

What about the leachate of worm farms? Not rated yet
Hi I have read your interesting book and congratulate you on it. It did raise one important question in my mind that you did not appear to address …

Listing in the worm business directory Not rated yet
Good day, Stephan You have a nice website there. A couple of questions- how come we(Eco Solo, JSC are still not in Your list? Also …

Hello We are wanting to get our worm business going Not rated yet
Hello, I just purchased your book and looking forward to reading it. I have a couple of questions. 1. Hows the market for earthworms? I'm noticing …

Composting horse manure Not rated yet
Question: I keep a couple of horses and a pony and therefore have quite a lot of horse manure. I have tried composting this in the usual way but find …

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