Worm tea and compost tea

Organic pest control

Organic pest control is something that can be used to bring great benefits to garden plants and farmed crops. Many commercial products are available in garden centers 

and nurseries but for all those that want to save some money there are 2 natural and greatly beneficial liquid solutions that can be easily produced and used to treat plants and soil.

 Worm tea and compost tea are both used by gardeners and farmers all over the world to control diseases of plants.

They can be produced at a very low cost in about 24 hours in any backyard, store room or garden.

Both, worm tea and compost tea can be used as a foliage spray as well as a liquid treatment for soil and plants.

The ingredients needed to produce compost tea are molasses, oxygen, water and or course fully processed compost.

Worm tea - An organic pest control

Worm tea as well as compost tea if used as a organic pest control will:

  •  improve soil structure and plant health
  • never burn plants
  • protect potting soil and garden soil against pathogens
  • add large amounts of nitrogen,phospate, sulfur, vitamins, minerals, trace elements to the soil
  • add beneficial microorganisms and growth hormones to the soil that will protect plants against diseases.
  • will help to repel many harmful fungie and insects
  • and will improve the water holding capacity of soil. 

Worm tea and compost tea can be brewed in buckets that are heavily aerated by an air pipe connected to an air pump.

Both prodcuts should be used regularly to keep soil and plants properly protected. 

When worm tea or compost tea are used as a foliage spray, the leaves of the treated plants should be sprayed on both the upper- and the bottem sides.

Once the brewing process has been completed the beneficial properties of the worm tea and compost tea will be richly enhanced and should be used as soon as possible to achieve the best results.To prepare compost tea and worm tea to be used as a foliage spray they should be filtrered through a finely 

meshed cloth to remove all solid particles left in the liquids. This way they can be smoothly sprayed onto the leaves of the plants and the nozzle of the spray bottle will not be blocked.

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