Recycling with earthworms
is a great
home business opportunity

Worm composting is a great home business opportunity for people that have only a small budget to invest and want to 

generate an income from home. In tough times like the ones we are living in right now many of us are desperate to generate extra income to make ends meet. So it is not uncommon that people take a second job or put in lots of overtime if possible to keep their heads above water. But working 2 jobs at a time or spending even more time at work can be emotionally and physically draining and lead to conflicts at home as the family might feel neglected.

Worms recycle dog poop

 Worm composting
 a great
home business opportunity 

Recycling organic waste with earthworms can be a great and easy way to generate extra income from home. There are many reasons why worm farming can increase your income and improve your life! 

The demand for earthworms is is still outstripping the supply in many parts of the worldThe demand for earthworms is is still outstripping the supply in many parts of the world
  • The start up costs for a worm business can be extremely low is done correctly.
  • It can be started nearly anywhere on a space as little as small as 1 square meter / about 10 square feet.
  • Compost worms can recycle up to 50% of their body weight every day.
  • Worm composting is an environmentally friendly and sustainable business.
  • There are many avenues that a worm composting business can generate income.
  • The maintenance of an ever increasing worm herd is very low as their food is usually available for free.
  • Compost worms are hardy, work 24/7 and multiply rapidly.  
Worm castings (worm poop) are an excellent organic fertilzier

These are only a few points that should encourage you to start your own worm business to learn more about its advantages and how to get started making money with worms. I started my first worm business  more than 19 years ago and have never regretted it since. In a world that produces more and more waste the need to 

recycle ever larger amounts of organic materials that will otherwise end up at landfill sites and decompose anaerobically will continue to increase. The humble earthworm and worm business enthusiast can be one of the answers to help our society to get on top of this problem.


Worms recycle dog poop


Recycling with earthworms


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