A sustainable business idea

A sustainable business idea is something many people are looking for these days! But what does the word sustainability actually mean? In general sustainability is achieved if a concept, program or action could go on 

 forever and benefiting the participants and all those that come into contact with it. So even if a business is making

 huge profits but is destroying or polluting the environment which it is depending on or harming its employees or any other person that is touched in any way by the company, its products or its waste, this enterprise would not be a sustainable business and would be doomed sooner or later. 

The fossil fuel industry for example, apart from polluting our planet in many different ways will be cease to exist as we know it, once the last drop of oil has been pumped and the last barrel of crude oil been refined. The oil reserves of the earth might last maybe another 50 to 100 years! So although there are huge profits in this industry it will not last forever.

Unfortunately for a long time the only focus many politicians and business managers had was making a profit no matter how!

A healthy fruit tree is helping the environment in many ways!

A sustainable business must be Eco friendly

So most of the industries that we see in today's world are not sustainable and will have to change their practices soon to keep our planet habitable.


When I thought about sustainable business ideas about 16 years ago there came initially quite a few interesting possibilities to my mind. 

I always liked alternative energies like "Solar Power and Wind power" for example and the recycling industry with all its different branches as well as organic farming where appealing to me too.

Unfortunately many of those green business ideas shared one major obstacle for me.

Money! (Yes the same old story) I just didn't have enough money to come up with the set up costs for most of the options I had zoomed in on.

This brought me finally to focus on worm farming as a sustainable business idea! And low and behold it fitted me like a glove.

To start a worm business:

  • you need to invest probably less than $50 to get started!
  • Just convert an old drum or grocery bag into worm bin and start selling bait sized worms to angling enthuiasts within a couple of month.
  • you will just need 1000 worms which can turn into millions of quiet, hard working employees (worms :-)) that don't want any money for their services within 12 month
  •  you can just feed them kitchen waste or any other organic material like horse manure or dog poop which you can get for free.

Worm farming is a sustainable business with huge growth potential

Worms convert food waste, garden waste and organic household waste into nutrient rich worm castings, one of the worlds best balanced plant foods and soil conditoners which can be sold to nurseries, garden friends, eco shops, farmers...

Worm castings can be used to produce worm tea which can be sold as a liquid organic fertilizer and natural pesticide.

Worms consistently reproduce and a properly managed worm herd will always multiply and replenish its numbers after worms have been sold.

Worm farming a truly sustainable business and can be used to quickly generate some extra income on the side and if desired be turned into a large and profitable Eco friendly company.

If you like this concept you can learn more about my experiences on the page Starting a worm business.

After more than 15 years as a commercial worm farmer I shared my experiences in my book


"How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

The book describes in great detail all that is required to create an income with earthworms without having to invest money into risky set up costs.

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The Book covers the following:

    - Can  one really make money with earthworms?

        - How much space is required?

        - What will I need to get started?



           - The 4 basic components you'll need to start a                   worm business:

           - Worm bedding

                  -What can be used as bedding

                           - How can it be obtained or prepared

             - Worm food

                           -What do worms eat

                  -Where to get worm food

                  -How to get worm food for free

                  -Getting paid for collecting worm food

                  -How to prepare the food

           - Worm bins /boxes /farms

                  -What are worm bins 

                  -What requirements do they have to fulfil

                  -The different kinds of worm bins on a                             worm farm

            - Worms

                  - What kind of worms should be used

                  - Amazing multiplication of worms

                  - Breeding cycle of compost worms 

                  - How to get hold of worms

                  - Different ways to harvest worms



                       -Protection against extreme temperatures

                      - Protection against the sun

                      - Protection against flooding

                     - Protection in Summer

                     - Protection in Winter



                 - Potential predators of compost worms

                - How protect worms from their natural                              enemies



        - Creatures that might live or invade a worm farm

        - How to deal with other worm farm residents



                 - When worms want to escape

                 - Acidity in worm farms

                 - Overcrowded worm bins

                 - Worms migrate in wet weather

                 - A simple way to rescue worms from the                           sun



                  - An amazing natural plant food and soil                             conditioner

                  - How to harvest and package worm                                  castings



                  - Liquidized worm castings

                  - Positive attributes of worm tea

                  - How to brew worm tea



                   - Detailed list of many potential markets for                       your business

                - Markets for worms

                - Markets for worm farms

                - Markets for fertilizer mixes

                - Markets for worm castings

                - Markets for worm tea

                - Markets for worm tea brewing kits

                - Potential wholesale and retail markets

                - Making money online



               - How to package and sell your products

               - Worms for worm farms

               - worms for freshwater fishing

               - Bottling worm tea

               - Worm casting bags and labels

               - Producing your own range of commercial                         worm bins



                           - Choosing a business name and                                    developing some promotional material

                           - Finding out who your competitors are                        and what products, services and  prices they offer

                          - How to find potential customers     

                          - Entering the market

                          - Internet marketing with or without a                          website

                          - The backbone of a business website

                          - Interacting with potential customers



                - Choosing the right way to deliver your                              products

                - Making sure your worms arrive alive



                - Choosing the right payment terms





                - Set up and maintenance instructions for 2-                      and 3 tier worm farms






This comprehensive book will show you step by step all you need to know to become a worm farmer and start a sustainable business. 

Right now it is offered at low prices!

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You might fancy other sustainable business ideas and if so I will only wish you the best of success!

I doubt though that you will find a business that like a worm business can be set up without any investment at all which makes it that much more attractive to many people that shy the risk of tying up large sums of money or just straight forward don't have any money to invest.

A worm business can be started with just a single old bucket or plastic bag and grown to a level that suits your personal needs and goals.

It uses worms as its main work force, waste as raw material and produces valuable plant foods and soil conditioners in form of commercially marketable worm castings and worm tea.

Give it a try, start your own sustainable business and make your mark in the growing and profitable worm farming industry.


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