Beneficial Nematodes
for a
worm bin 

If you are considering to buy beneficial nematodes for a worm bin than you are probably dealing with an infestation 

of fruit flies, fungus gnats or other pests that can attack previously well running worm bins. Recycling of food waste and other organic matter with earthworms in a worm bin is fun and great for the environment but having to deal with some invaders like gnats or other flies can sometimes take a little of the joy of worm composting away. After all who wants a swarm of flies in his / her face each time one opens the bin to add some worm food?

In one of my previously published articles I mentioned a few ways how you could reduce the quantity of fruit flies and gnats in your worm farm. Recently I came across another strategy to attack those unwanted worm bin invaders. Many experienced worm farmers are making use of beneficial nematodes to getting rid of pests like fruit flies and fungus gnats in their worm bins. 

Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes are multi-cellular creatures that can be found abound in the ground. Their sizes range from just a fraction of a millimeter to several meters. They are very effective predators and can reduce the numbers of a wide range of soil dwelling pests. Amongst their favorite prey you can find many kinds of beetles, flies, weevils, worms and even ticks, aphids and fleas. Earthworms however are not on their list of targets which makes them a perfect addition to a worm farm that has been infested with fruit flies or gnats. The nematodes move actually into the body of their prey where they feed and release bacteria that will kill their host. Then they reproduce inside the host and their offspring moves on in the search of new prey. In this way they can kill large numbers of  harmful insects. When they run out of prey they will starve and will become food for other beneficial soil dwelling creatures like the humble earthworm.

But as a handyman needs the right tool for a job you will need the right nematode to get rid of the disturbing insects in your worm bin. There are hundreds of different nematodes and they all have their preferred insects they prey on. 

The beneficial nematode that will help to get rid of fruit 

flies  and fungus gnats is called "Steinernema feltiae". It is effective against many different pests including root aphids, white grubs, fruit flies and fungus gnats.

There are specialized dealers online that can supply you with a wide range of nematodes including "Steinernema feltiae".

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