Do worms need a balanced Diet?

by Barry
(Lakehills, Texas)

I'm new to vermicomposting and appreciate advice from those who have 'been there, done that'. My question is concerning a 'balanced diet' for my worms. Maybe, I'm over thinking this as I am prone to do, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

I understand the carbon (brown)to green material ratio that we should strive for in yard waste composting but does that apply to vermicomposting? What about a balance of sugars, starches, proteins, fiber etc.? My wife and I eat a lot of fruit (sugars) and vegetables (fiber). I also have a coffee filter and grounds to dispose of everyday. Should I be concerned about excess sugar? Should I attempt to put together a balanced diet of brown and green for my worms and throw any left over material in my yard compost bin?

Thank you for your insight and response.



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Jul 08, 2013
A balanced diet for worms?
by: Stephan Admin

Hello Barry!

Fist of all welcome to the worm composting community!
I was amazed by your question and your concern for the worms! This is really great and shows that you and your wife care!

The good news is that worm composting is in fact much simpler and easier than traditional composting.

Although a balanced diet with a variety of different food products will in the end improve the quality of the produced worm castings by the worms it is not really essential that you be concerned about the food you give to your worm herd.

Worms are hardy and as long as it is organic material and soft enough for them to suck on they will go for it.

So feel free to give them your fruit and vegetable peels and offcuts, your coffee grounds, tee bags...!

Have a look at our worm food rating list and you get an idea which foods are better than others.

Just stay away from the "Nono's" like alcohol, oil, vinegar, salt and to many acidic products .. but I am sure you would have done this even without me mention it.

Feed only over one half of your worm bin in the beginning to get a feel for the likes and dislikes of your worms and feed the next time the other half of the bin.

Once you are certain and confident you can cover up to 90% of the worm bins surface whenever you add fresh food.

Just give them your kitchen waste and add some yard waste as well if you want and your worms should be doing just fine.

All the best and kind regards


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