A worm harvester

A worm harvester is a machine that is used by many professional worm farmers. They come in many shapes and sizes and speed up the harvesting of both worms and worm castings dramatically.

The machine helps to separate large volumes of worm castings, worm food and worms in a very short time. What essentially happens is that you throw worm rich bedding into the opening on the upper side of the harvester that rotates continuously.

There are different kinds of mesh along the cylindrical body of the harvester that will allow the castings, bedding, cocoons and small worms to fall through the holes into holding containers below the machine, while the large worms will travel down to the end of the machine where they can be easily harvested.

Our home made harvesting machine

What does a worm harvester do?

In this way you are actually harvesting worms and worm castings at the same time.

Because worms strongly dislike sunlight which can kill them in just a few minutes if they get exposed to it without a way of hiding away it is best to harvest worms and worm castings either in a shaded area or on days with moderate themperatures and overcast skies.

There are quite a few suppliers offering these harvesters especially in the United States, but the cost for one machine is at least $3000 (excluding transport).

I believe a worm harvesting machine is not needed for success when starting out, so don’t worry if you cannot afford one of these machines right now. You can run your worm farm or your worm business without one for quite some time.

If you want one of those machines but would like to save on costs, try to build one yourself or ask a friend to assist you. We built our machine ourselves and it definitely saved us a nice sum of money.

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