Cape garden flowers

To see the variety of Cape garden flowers blooming in all the suburbs of Cape Town and the Western Cape is every year an amazing spectacle.

All over the world spring seems to mark the beginning of new life with flowers and trees coming into bloom, chasing away the grey and cold days of winter.

To me it always is something special to see the change on people's faces when nature is unfolding its annual miracles presenting for the willing onlooker a feast of colors.

No matter where one experiences this magic each part of the world has its own wonders that keep us in awe.

Below I placed some pictures of spring flowers that I took during a visit to Goodwood a suburb of Cape Town in South Africa.

Cape Town being the mother city of South Africa and the center of the province of the Western Cape is boasting probably more kinds of flowers than any other city in the world.

The Western Cape of South Africa is host to 1 of the 8 floral kingdoms of the world.

Cape garden flowers

And there are some amazing stats about the "Fynbos" (Fine bushes) the name of the flower kingdom there.

  • The Cape Floral kingdom is the only one that lays within the boundaries of only 1 country.
  • It is the only one that lays within the boundaries of only one province of that country.
  • It is the smallest of the 8 floral kingdoms of the world.
  • But despite is small size it is the richest in diversity of all of them.
  • On the world famous Table Mountain alone are more plant species to be found than in the whole of Great Britain!
  • It is estimated that the Cape Floral Kingdom is home to over 12000 kinds of plant species!



In September and October many small towns around Cape town host their anual wild flower shows which draw in visitors from all over the world. Quite a few of those wild species on show have been domesticated and can be admired as Cape garden flowers all over town.

So it's no wonder that walking through the suburbs of Cape Town during springtime is nearly always an experience that flora lovers will appreciate. Every garden has some flowers on display that seem to be different to those seen in other parts of town.

This selection of spring flowers here is still very small but I will add to them from time to time. 

Note: The world renown Botanical Garden of Kirstenbosch on the slopes of Table mountain is worth a visit anytime of the year

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Pictures of Cape Garden Flowers

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