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Jun 13, 2017
Re: Harvesting worm castings from a bathtub worm farm
by: Stephan

Hello Margo,

your idea of always harvesting the dormant side is a popular one and can work quite well. You will just have to wait long enough for the worms to finish all the food in the one side of your bathtub and move to the other end with the worm food. Most worms will do so quite happily. However there might still be a few worms in the half that hasn't been fed for a while, but if your worm farm is running smoothly you should be able to cope with the loss of a few worms every now and then.

Alternatively you can use the method I described in one of my articles which explains how one can harvest worm castings from single bin worm farms. The link to it is below.

I trust you will have loads of fun with your worm farming project.

Kind regards


Jun 12, 2017
Bathtub for worms
by: Margo

Thank you for your response . Do you have any tips on how to best harvest the castings from the tub. I thought of alternating food from the plug end of the tub to the top end so that only half the tub is in use at any one time. That should make it easier to harvest the dormant side. In theory anyway.... Does anyone have any good tips? Thank you

Jun 12, 2017
Re: Bathtub worm farm
by: Stephan

Hello Margo,

I believe you made a good choice to use an old bathtub as a home for your compost worms. I've done so for years and the worms did nearly always do very well in the tub.

For some more steps you can take to ensure your worms will do well in the bath tub have a look at my article about the subject at the following link below.

Kind regards and happy worming

Stephan Kloppert

Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

Editor of

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