DIY Flow Through Worm Bin (FTWB)

by Mark Ferguson
(Rocvale, TN, USA)

Flow Through Worm Bin

Flow Through Worm Bin

I like the idea of the commercial FTWB. I do not like the idea that it must be placed on a concrete slab in order to harvest the castings from the bottom. I created a very easy to build commercial size FTWB that does not require being on concrete to harvest. Instead I us a custom built casting chainsaw.

I raise rabbits and needed a way to easily feed their manure to the worms for final processing. This FTWB has proven to work perfectly for my application. To see pictures and details for building please visit my rabbit web page:
and the FTWB at:!worms/igit7

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Jun 27, 2023
Worm Bin Diy Designs
by: Black Soldier Fly Man

Your style is smooth, you got good skills! Nice design too. I'm working on my design CFT Worm Bins. I'm using the Refrigerators on the block wall slap foundation. Thanks for sharing. Remember you designers are the cornerstone of Agriculture! Thank you 💖.

Oct 27, 2022
Flow Through worm bin

Although the original page is gone, we can get the critical information from these pictures. The basic idea is a CFT (Continuous Flow Through) worm bin where food (rabbit droppings) and bedding are added to the top and finished vermicompost is harvested at the bottom. It is surprising to see a solid bottom on a CFT. The big improvement he came up with was a way to pull the vermicompost harvest to the front of the bin instead of dropping straight down to the ground.

The bin walls do not reach all the way down to the solid bottom. There is a gap of 1 to 2" between the walls and bottom board. The size of the gap and more importantly the angle prevent compost 'leakage'. In that gap he runs a harvest bar. The harvest bar carries a chain with little scoops rather than sharp blades/teeth. He uses an electric drill to run the chain which acts like a chainsaw cutting an inch or so from the bottom of the compost bed. The chain pulls the harvested bits out the front slot into a tub more conveniently in front of the bin rather than underneath.

It is unclear, but I assume the chain is reversable to harvest in both directions. Maybe not. It is a complicated mechanism. I'll stick with the simple metal poles and rake method as shown in my website

Mar 20, 2019
Re: discontinued links of Flow through worm bin
by: Stephan


unfortunately the gentlemen (Mark Ferguson) that submitted this article to our website seems to have closed his website which makes the links he submitted not function anymore.

Hope they will come online at a later stage again , because I really love Flow through worm bins!?

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert

Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

Editor of

Mar 15, 2019
discontinued links of Flow through worm bin
by: Anonymous

Wish this article contained active links. This looks like a worthwhile project.

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