Dry dog poop for worm farms and dolomite for worms

by Kathleen Higgins
(Oxenford Qld 4210 )

Hi, I'm new to all this but today I watered in my first worm tea brew using a pond pump and molasses

I actually now have 3 separate worm farms. One I have dedicated to dealing with our dog poop which I intend to keep separate and only use on flowers. I have found that the worms prefer the dog poop to have been dried out a bit. I first put the dog poo into old pots to dry out then add a bit of dolomite.
Then after a couple of weeks I add it to the worm farm, So far the worms seem to be quite happy getting fed dried dog poop.

My other two worm farms seem to be thriving on our household scraps witch I firstly add to a roller type compost. I also add a bit of dolomite. Since doing this my worms have multiplied so fast that's why I now have 3 separate farms.


Hello Kathleen

thank you for your message. I see you are really enjoying recycling your dog poop and kitchen waste with the help of worms. It is generally considered a good practice to recycle dog poop and food waste in different worm farms. Worm castings produced from dog poop are an excellent plant food and soil conditioner for flowers, lawns, bushes and many other ornamental plants while worm castings produced in worm farms that are run by recycling food waste are one of the best organic fertilizers for the production of fruit and vegetable crops.

Dog poop does not have to be dry for the worms to enjoy but it must have started to decompose. Compost worms don't eat fresh organic materials but recycle only things that are in the rotting process. That's why it seems to you that they prefer dried dog poop. Adding a little dolomite to your worm bins is nice as it acts as a pH buffer and gives your finished castings some extra magnesium.

Compost worms should double in population every 2 to 3 months if the conditions are right. So you must be doing a lot of things right :-)!

Keep up the good work and enjoy recycling your dog poop and food waste in your worm farms.

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert
Author of
"How to start a profitable worm farm on a shoestring budget"
Editor of

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