Egesoll; finest vermicompost looking for trade partners

Dear madam, sir
I would like to introduce our company producing vermicompost and inform you about our products and potential trade and partnering opportunities we seek.
Egesoll, our company, is a family operated business based in Manisa, Turkey. It’s founded and managed by Agriculture Engineer Yuksel Savas (based in Turkey) and Microbiologist Dr. Derya Ozuolmez (based in Wageningen University, the Netherlands).
After establishing our infrastructure and completing experiments with first worm communities around 2012, we have now fully optimized our processes on continues-flow system and tuned our product to be the finest bio-compost. For the last 5 years, we provided nearby fields in Turkey with high quality and pure vermicompost and scientifically tested the application methods and impact on the yield – and observed significant improvements. We currently produce 35 tons/month high purity vermicompost, with possibility to scale up to 70 to 80 tons/month within 4 to 5 months.
In addition to vermicompost, we currently produce organic liquid fertilizers in smaller amounts and in research of the best-yield compound with various algae types. Our tests show that our organic liquid fertilizers currently in development already perform much better than many mass-market products. We plan to move into high-scale production processes for our liquid fertilizer in the second half of 2017.
Also from the same family, I aim the role of marketing and trade relationship management and represent our products globally. We currently offer our products and look for business partners to work together in various forms;
• For direct consumers, we offer finest vermicompost in 25kg bags in various shipment volumes - shipped from Turkey to almost anywhere.
• For resellers, we offer vermicompost in Egesoll branded various packaging sizes in various volumes - shipped from Turkey to almost anywhere.
• If you have your own brand, we offer sub-contracting options; we fill in your packages and you sell the finest vermicompost with your name on it.
• None of the above? We are open to discuss any trade/partnering structures you would have in mind.
We can fulfill one-off orders or agree on scheduled deliveries.
Personally, I am keen to provide further information about our company, production process, and explore business opportunities.
Kivanc Ozuolmez
+31 62 938 91 94
3544KL Utrecht, The Netherlands

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