Questions about worm food and feeding worms

by Stephan

Debbie sent us the following questions about worm composting.

Comment: I didn't know that worms don't eat fresh vegetables do you have to wait for it to rot to give it to them!

I give them eggs shells what is the best way to break up the egg shells so they
can eat it more easy do you have to clean out the egg shell!

I even give them lint and egg cartoon too do you have to wet the egg cartoon
before you give them.

Can you give them cooked rice or not cooked how much can you give them

Can you give them cereal dry or cooked. when I gave them cereal it started growing!!

There are many questions I need to ask you...

Could send me a list on what they can eat that is cooked and not to be cooked



Hello Debbie,

thank you for the interesting questions and comments you sent us.

When it comes to worm food there is one basic rule that one can follow.

"Worms eat anything that has ever been alive and is now dead."

So nearly any organic matter will do. Most of your kitchen scraps should be ideal for your worm farm.

In general moist food is always better than dry food.
Worms are breathing through their skin and if they are sliding through dry areas inside their worm bin the dry particles might stick to the skin of the worms and suffocate them.

Another good reason to offer your compost worms wet food is the fact that they don't have teeth and actually suck their food.

As you correctly mentioned worms don't eat fresh vegetables but rather wait till the organic matter on offer is starting to decay. This parts of their food that are starting to rot will be the areas the worms feed on. This ensures that a worm farm will not produce bad odors.

So cooked rice would be better than dry rice. Moist egg cartons better than dry ones.

With cereal the same principle applies. You should as well not overfeed your worms. If they can't process all the food you are adding to the bin the worm farm might start to develop bad odors.

We have 2 pages on our website that deal with Frequently asked questions about worm composting as well as 2 pages that more about worm food and the kinds of food worms like and dislike.

I suggest you have a look at the "sitemap" and study those pages. If you have any further questions just fill in one of the forms on our website and we will gladly assist you.

Kind regards


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