Sunflower grows in dog poop

My sunflower grows in dog poop in a bucket

For years now we had several dog poop worm farms in the backyard. As the name suggests the worms in those farms have been fed exclusively on dog waste.

The worms thrive in those bins and produce lots of worm castings. Many sources suggest not to use worm castings that have been produced from canines to grow fruit and vegetables.

There is a fear that they might contain to many bad germs which might be absorbed to the edible plants.

I believe that those castings might probably still have less negative effects on fruit and vegetables than all those pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are still been used by many farmers these days.

But even if we don't use the dog poop worm castings for edible plants there is nothing wrong applying them as a plant food for flowers, lawns and trees.

I wanted to see for myself how well they would work.

So I planted a sunflower seed in of my dog poop worm bins a while ago. It germinated soon after that and grew into a nice seedling.

When it was about 5 cm / 2 inches high I moved it from the dog poop worm bin into a 20 liter / 5 gallon bucket.

The bucket got several holes in the bottom and was filled with worm castings from the dog poop worm farm, about 10 compost worms and some dog poop.

After a few nightly attacks by garden snails (which I caught early in the morning and fed to my hungry koi fish) the flower is developing into a healthy beautiful plant.

Large garden snail feeding on an aloe plantLarge garden snail feeding on an aloe plant

The sunflower grows in dog poop...

 ...and worm castings that have been produced by the worms inside the

The sunflower in the bucket nearly fully grown!The sunflower in the bucket nearly fully grown!

bucket. The bucket is unfortunately to small for the roots of the Sunflower so it is definitely stunted in its grows progress.

Nevertheless is has grown now into a magnificent plant despite it's limited amount of growth medium supporting it!

In regular intervals I add some dog poop to the bucket to keep the worms happy.

I can certainly see that the worms inside the bucket are still alive and enjoying themselves.

So for all you dog owners, dog kennels and dog clubs use worms to convert your dog poop into plant food and grow beautiful flowers, lawns and trees with it.

We will do more experiments with the dog waste worm castings and will post them here on our pages.

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