Where to get worms in Sri Lanka

by Nadine
(Colombo Sri Lanka)

Compost worms CMB LK

Compost worms CMB LK

Not sure how long ago that question was posted “where to buy worms in Sri Lanka” for composting.
I just researched it yesterday 14/07/2021 and learned there is no need to import composting worms here in Sri Lanka.
All you need is to find a heap of rotting pile of leaves somewhere and dig a little. Any worms you see in the dark leaf decaying litter are all the species of composting worms you need. As luck would have it I had just such a pile (jackfruit leaves) and found quite a few in the moist litter under the dried leaves. And found several worms of varying sizes. According to the research only the composting worms rise to the surface while the earth worms (non composting) will remain in the soil
Hope this helps those hoping to start worm farming I. Sri Lanka.

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