Why don't my worms eat the dog poop?

Dog poop recycled in a worm bin

Dog poop recycled in a worm bin

I've recently set up a poop compost bin but my worms aren't touching the dog poop and it's now going moldy!

Also how fresh should poop be?

Does it matter if its a couple of days old and has gone hard?



Hello it would be good to know for how long your dog poop worm bin has been running and with about how many worms did you start out.

Whenever one starts a new worm farm it is always important to be patient and give the worms some time to get used to their new environment as well as to the new food source that they are offered.

Once the have settled in and started to multiply and enjoy their new diet the recycling process will speed up considerably.

It is no problem if the dog poop in the worm farm starts to get moldy as mold is as well just part of the composting process and helps to break down the organic matter.

You are welcome to add old dog poop to your worm bin but you have to consider the fact that compost worms don't have teeth and therefore are not able to chew on hard materials.

Thats why its good to always keep your worm bin moist and either soak the dog poop that you want to feed to the worms in some water for a while or use fresh waste when you add it to your worm farm.

To find out more about the recycling of dog poop with the help of earthworms go to our page


Once you got the heck of it you will find that recycling dog poop is quite easy.

Good luck and happy worming

Kind regards


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Oct 14, 2014
Hello Vee
by: Stephan

Only a pleasure, just give your worms some time and they will convert your dog poop into nutrient rich worm castings!

All the best and happy worming :-)


Oct 13, 2014
Worms not eating dog poo
by: Vee

Thanks Stephan for the very quick reply. The worm farm has only been going for a week and I started with 1000 worms. I guess I was just worried that my worms wouldn't make it as they weren't eating. Now I know it can take s little bit of time to get them started and that mouldy furry poo won't harm them I feel reassured and motivated to persevere :) thanks :)

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