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The "Worm business directory South Africa" is for all those garden- and recycling enthusiasts that want to start to convert their garden- and kitchen scraps into nutrient rich worm

castings.If you want to stop adding organic waste to your dirt bin and help to reduce the production of greenhouse gases on landfill sites than the worm business directory is here to help you find a supplier in your country and hopefully even your local city!

If you have a business that produces earthworms, compost worms, worm castings, worm tea or worm farms you are welcome to fill in our application form to get listed in the worm business directory. Please note that there is no guarantee that your site will be included in the directory. Terms and conditions will apply.

Worm business directory South Africa


SA WORM FARMS - Cape Town 

SA WORM FARMS are suppliers of worm farms and compost worms in South Africa. The breeding of earthworms have been done by Caroline and Stephan Kloppert since 1998. They offer

  • a wide range of worm farms,
  • budget prices,
  • free worms with each worm farm
  • free set up and maintenance instructions
  • free follow up advise
  • quick service
  • delivery or postage of worms and worm farms to any location within South Africa
  • worm composting consulting


For orders or inquiries contact them at:

t:  021 59 18 900 

email:  info@worm-composting-help.com

or click on the link below

w: www.sa-worm-farms


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