Aeration of worm tea

by Dan

Hi, my question is in regards to the 24hr turn around after brewing worm tea. If aeration was to run non stop with scheduled feeding of molasses, would this make the tea last longer... My thought is to make a system for constant supply, but not at the cost of quality tea.


Hi Dan,

Freshly brewed worm tea is a potent mix of billions of beneficial microorganisms that can be used to feed plants and add nutrients to the soil as well.

In most instances we have worked on a brewing time of around 24 hours to reach the optimum strength of worm tea. At this stage the micro organisms have usually consumed all the molasses (food) that was added to the mix of water and worm castings. Once the worm tea has reached this stage it is mosts beneficial for plants and soil and will slowly deteriorate as the abundance of microorganisms in it will start to starve and slowly die off.

If you however implement your idea of a continuous feeding regime for your worm tea mixture and keep the aeration constantly in place as well you should be able to keep a potent worm tea mixture alive for an unlimited amount of time. I know of a large garden store here in Town that advertises live worm tea all year round and they have basically put your idea into practice.

So give it a try and let us know how it worked out for you.

Kind regards and happy worming

Stephan Kloppert
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Mar 21, 2017
Aeration of Worm Tea
by: Anonymous


I am living in tropical country and new to worm tea.

I have brewed the worm tea for 4-5 days with brown sugar and rain water. In the first 2 days, there is a little bit of fermented smell. On the 3rd & 4th day, the smell is lighter and more pleasant. I am covered the bucket with cardboard, there is not much of evaporation of the worm tea, the amount of the worm tea still maintaining at the same level. The surface of the worm tea still full with bubbles, but the colour of the worm tea is much lighter now, the PH is about 8-9.

Hence, I would like to know if it is safe to use the worm tea and are the bacteria has dead?. Is the worm tea too alkaline?

Thank you.

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