Bugs in my worm farm


I have a lot of black flat looking and fast moving bugs in my worm farm plus
those large yellow and black beetles and some short fat white round worms,
please help



Hello Andre,

it is quite difficult to assist you without a correct identification of the
creatures inside your worm farm. Would it be possible for you to take some
pictures of the bugs in question and post them onto one of our pages. On
many of our pages you will find at the bottom a box where you can submit
questions and post pictures.

There are as well some articles on our Website that deal with worm farm
inhabitants and some predators you might find inside your worm bin. If you
go to the site map of www.worm-composting-help.com you will find the
articles that might help you.

Having said that there are quite a few helpful creatures that can be found
inside a worm farm that are no threat to your worms and will assist with
the recycling of your organic waste.

From your descriptions I would suspect that the flat fast moving dark bugs
could be "wood lice"
which are usually dark gray in color and occur very often in worm farms.
They are beneficial creatures and assist in the recycling process. So you
can just ignore them.

The yellow and black beetles you mentioned sound like the African fruit
beetle "Pachnoda sinuatathe" which is harmful to Roses and ripe fruit and
indigenous trees like the "Acacia".

It shouldn't be a problem for your worms. Finally the presence of the
beetles in your worm farm makes it probably that the short fat grubs you
find in your worm farm could be the larva of the African fruit beetles
which usually live in compost and manures.

The larva are as well no problem for your worms apart from the fact that
they might eat some of the worms food. The beetles are a tasty treat for
many kinds of birds and the larva's can be used for freshwater fishing or
be fed to chickens, ducks or koi fish.

I hope this helps, but as I said to be certain that I am right it would be
best if you could sent me some pictures.

Kind regards


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