Can I combine worm farm and bokashi bin? What about dog poop?

by Yenny

Mating compost worms

Mating compost worms

Hi again I've looked at your website quick question would I use the *Bokashi
Indoor composting in combination with the compacta worm bin and pet poop
processer, I know with the bokashi u can put practical anything in it, but
with the compacta what can go in there ? And would you advices using two
seperate ones for the dog poo and the kitchen stuff or using the same one,
can the worms just eat the poo and not get sick or whatever from just
eating that?? and how well does the pet poo worm casting and tea work ??
Also what does it make the tea or casting or both ?? And it says it comes
with a starter batch of worms how many worms is that and when would I need
to get more ??*

Thank you


Hello Yenny,

you have quite a few questions so let me answer quickly.

You can use any worm farm in combination with the bokashi bin and they compliment each other well. But can as well use them individually if you prefer that.

The compacta worm farm can basically take most of your kitchen scraps as well as dog poop.

If you want to use the worm castings from your worm farm to grow fruit and vegetables than it would be advisable to recycle dog poop in a different worm farm. If you want to use the castings and worm tea just for the lawn and ornamental plants than there is no harm in mixing food scraps with dog poop.

Worm castings and worm tea are amongst the best natural plant foods and soil conditioners known to man. A small handful of worm castings can feed an average pot plant for up to 6 month. The worm tea can be used as liquid plant food and natural pesticide.

If you follow my instructions you will most likely never have to purchase worms again.

The Compacta worm farm comes with about 250 worms but don't worry the worms are prolific breeders and will multiply rapidly inside your worm farm.

Kind regards and be blessed


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