Composting Dog Poo

by Jason H
(Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Hello, i was just wanting a bit of clarification. What is the purpose of the three tier system? if i wanted to just compost animal waste, not to use on gardens but just to get rid of, would i need the three layers or could i get away with one bin?



Hello Jason,

thank you for your interesting questions. A 3 tier worm farm has the advantage that you won't have to separate the worms from your finished worm castings manually.
It consists of 2 working bins with holes in the floor and a bottom bin which is used to catch excess liquids that have run off the upper bins.This liquids can than be used as fertilizer.

Worms are top feeders. A 3 tier worm farm will host the worms initially in the middle bin. That's where they live and where their food will be added too.
Once the middle bin is filled to capacity the food will get added to the top bin.The worms will move through the holes in the bottom of the top bin to follow the food supply. After some time nearly all the worms will have left the middle bin and will be feeding and living in the top bin.

At this stage the middle bin will only hold a few worms and fully processed worm castings that can be used as plant food. The contents of the bin can than be completely removed and the empty bin can be added to the top of the 3 tier worm farm again. In this way the upper 2 working bins will regularly be rotated without the need of manually removing the worms.

Nevertheless I feed all our dog poop into single bins with a tight lid. As long as the lid gets opened regularly the worms will always have enough oxygen and will usually live quite happy in the bin. The only disadvantage is that a single bin will force you to manually separate the worms from your castings once the bin is filled to capacity.
Depending on the size of the bin this will only every 6 to 8 month and it is not a difficult job to do. You can separate worms and castings in less than 30 minutes of actual working time.

I wish you all the best for your dog poop recycling project.

Kind regards and happy worming

Admin of

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