Earthworm supplier in Namibia

by Jerolien Kleynhans
(Swakopmund Namibia)

Hello where can I buy earthworms in Namibia? Ideally close to me in Swakopmund?


Good day Jerolien, thank you for your interest in worm composting.

Namibia is unfortunately still very underdeveloped when it comes to worm farming and I can only suggest one company that we could identify that professes to breed and sell worms and their related products in Namibia. You can find the link on our page

I trust that the company listed there will be able to supply you with worms.

Should you not be successful there you could consider to import worms and worm farms from us. Its quite a process with a few permits required but we supplied one family from Windhoek many years ago.

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert

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Jun 09, 2019
Windhoek yet?
by: Jordan

Anyone have any worms in Windhoek? Preferably red wrigglers.

May 19, 2019
Looking for worms in Windhoek. Please help
by: Anonymous

Looking for worms in Windhoek. Please help

Feb 02, 2019
Looking for worms for vermiculture start-up
by: Jordan

Hi Victor,

I've had worms for many years outside of Namibia and am looking to start up a colony at my home in Windhoek. Do you have any I could have to get my colony going? I'd like to use vermicompost to feed my garden.

Many thanks in advance!


Oct 05, 2018
Worms in Namibia
by: Victor

Hey there! I am Victor - the proud owner of a worm-composting startup here in Namibia. Currently, we do not sell worms (hopefully soon). If you are looking for vermicompost we have got you covered - and you will definitely find worm eggs inside our vermicompost. So if you treat them right you might be able to cultivate some!

Or if you REALLY want some more worms I can buy some for you next time we import them as well.

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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