How much dog poo can I feed to worms on a daily basis?

by Kristina
( Kent, UK)

I have just bought a Worm City Wormery which has four trays. I have 1 small dog, 1 medium dog and one large dog. How much dog poo can I place in the tray daily?? I put a lump in 2 diagonal corners as directed, but I have more poo than this on a daily basis.

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Oct 24, 2016
Feeding dog poo to worms
by: Stephan

Hello Kristina,

First of all congratulations on starting to composts the waste that your dogs produce in a worm farm.

To answer how much dog poop you will be able to feed to your worms on a daily basis you will need to know how much worms you roughly have inside your bin.

If you started your worm bin with an population of 1000 worms (Eisenia fetida) they would way about 250 Grams and would be able to consume about 125 Grams of food per day. I have had dogs as part of my family for many years now and know from experience that they produce a lot of poo every day. Your 3 dogs will surely make more than 1 kg of waste on a daily basis which would take at least 8000 worms to consume.

With your worm farm having 4 trays you could work (feed) the dog poo on several trays at the same time once your worm population has multiplied to sufficient numbers. Depending on the amount of worms you started of with this could take probably 6 to 8 month. If you want to work out how many worms you will need to recycle all the poo your dogs produce you should weigh the poo that your dog's made on a given day and than apply the formula that 8000 worms can eat about 1Kg of food per day.

I am sure you can add more dog poo to the worm bin than just 2 lumps on diagonal corners. Try to ad 4 lumps as long as you leave some of the worm bedding in your worm farm free from food your worms should be fine.

To learn more about feeding worms have a look at our some of the pages of our worm composting basics series. I am sure they can assist you to make your dog poo worm composting project a resounding success.

If you have any further questions please feel free to let me know

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert

Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

Editor of

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