Search for African Nightcrawlers - Eudrilus eugenia

by Stephan
(Radevormwald and Cape Town)

: Hello!
I am a scientist/microbiologist and am very urgently looking for Eudrilus eugeniae (African nightcrawler). Because of very strict import rules, I am looking for an inner-European source of Eudrilus. My university could pay well to get these worms. Any help is very much appreciated!
Best regards,


Hello Peter thank you for your inquiry. You obviously know that Eudrilus eugeniae, enjoys a warm climate and is therefore difficult to breed in the colder countries of Europe.

So far we could only find suppliers of African nightcrawlers in the USA and Africa.

But we will publish an urgent request on our pages to find a supplier of the worms in Europe. Once we got a positive feedback we will let you know.

How are the importing rules for the worms if you try to import them from the United States?

Kind regards


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Nov 25, 2022
2022 and still no sign of African Nightcrawlers on sale in Europe
by: Vlady

Hi guys! I've spent hours looking for Eudrilus eugenia and all without seccuss. But I found this blog!
I'd like to ask you to share your experience of vermicomposting in Europe and, if possible, in Portugal, as I have a farm in Alentejo, close to Estremoz. Yearly Temperatures are from -5 to +40. What types of worms do you use?

Nov 25, 2016
Re: African Night crawlers
by: Stephan

Hi Alex,

so far we haven't heard from Peter again. If we get a positive response or hear from anybody else who can find a supplier of African Night crawlers we will gladly keep you in the loupe.

Which country are you residing in Alex?

Kind regards

Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

Editor of

Nov 23, 2016
African night crawlers
by: Alex

Hi Peter, have you got them? I know, this was posted 2 years ago but now I'm running with your same issue and I wonder if you could get a viable source.

Oct 27, 2014
Still looking for African Night crawlers in Europe
by: Stephan

Hello Stephan!

Many thanks for your answer and your efforts to get Eudrilus!
And yes, I´ve tried to get them from the US (for example Herron Farms) but they would need veterinary documents/controller first what would take them quite a time and also money. And even then, they could not guarantee that it would pass the customs upon arrival by plane in Germany. And the Indonesian source ( seems to be burdened with the same problems, although they already seem to have the needed documents. But, arriving by plane is also a difficult way as Eudrilus could really die if the worm was below 12°C, you know..... Thus, I am very much focusing on inner-European sources of Eudrilus.
I hope to hear positive news concerning my Eudrilus problem in the near future :)
Thanks in advance!



PS: if you would like to respond in German, you´re welcome, as I am German, too ;)

Hello Peter and anyone who might be able to get hold of African nightcrawlers,

we are still looking to get a positive response from someone anywhere in Europe that can supply you with some "African nightcrawlers.

It seems to be really difficult to get hold off them in Europe.

But If anybody reads this and can help to locate some African nightcrawlers in Europe please reply to this message and contact us.

Kind regards


Oct 19, 2014
Finding a supplier of African nightcrawlers in Europe
by: Stephan

Hello this is an urgent request to anyone that is located in Germany or Europe that could supply us with African nightcrawlers "Eudrilus eugeniae.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards


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