Superworm and Mealworm Poop

by Kenny CY
(Penang, Malaysia)

Dear Admin,

Good day to you. I am Kenny CY who are from Malaysia Penang. I started a Superworm & Mealworm Farm earlier this year. We are producing a lot of worm poop (in dry powder form) without any further process at the moment due to we are not professional with it.

Just wonder is there any advise you can provide from your end who would be able to workout this product with us within Malaysia?

Our target is we wish someone could workout with us on worm poop sales, marketing and lead us how to use the poop. We will get most of wasted vegetable to make the poop if we able to sell the poop to cover our daily expenses.

Your kind assistance and advise on above method is much appreciated. You can reach me at below:

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Aug 29, 2018
Re: Superworm and Mealworm Poop
by: Stephan

Hello Kenny,

we are working mainly with compost worms and are not actively involved in the marketing of super worm and meal worm poop at the moment. However if you can provide information about the benefits and quantities of the worm poop you want to market you might want to advertise on our website maybe with a written article or a banner advert to find some customers.

If you are interested please let us know and we will send you our advertising rates.

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert
Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

Editor of www.worm-composting-helpcom

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