Worm castings for Koi babies

by Stephan
(Cape town and Radevormwald)

Quality koi can benefit from worm castings

Quality koi can benefit from worm castings

Worm castings have many uses and benefits. It is well known that they are used to enhance, condition and fertilize soil. They are in fact an amazing organic fertilizer that act as an readily available plant food that slowly releases it's nutrients when the plants need them.

In addition worm castings have an amazing ability to hold moisture. Much less known is the fact that they can be used to condition koi babies (fry) when raising them in spawning ponds. The commercial koi breeders have the great advantage of mud dams which act as a place where amazing growth rates of koi fish can be achieved. As I worked myself on a commercial koi farm for a couple of years I witnessed it with my own eyes. We placed newly hatched koi babies just about 5mm / 1/5 inch long in a mud dam and checked on them 2 month later. Many of those we caught had an size of 15 to 20 cm / 6 to 8 inches. This was phenomenal.

If you grow koi babies in your backyard without the benefits of a mud dam the fish that survive and make it take usually at least one year to reach a similar size. This depends of course as well on the kind of koi you have spawned, the food and the amount of water you have available for your fish.

However one of the growth boosters I use for my koi babies are worm castings. They are full of life and minerals and if used the right way can benefit the development of koi fry greatly.

Caution: When dealing with tiny koi babies always be careful as one small mistake can lead to the death of many or even all fry. If all is continuing to go well I will upload some pictures and videos of the development of my worm casting fed koi babies in the next days, weeks and month. So pop around and have look out for updates.

Happy worming and koi breeding

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