Worms seem to have whiter and hard looking innards

by Marischka


I've recently harvested and sadly many of my worms have vanished, I presume died and dried up. Besides the more obvious reason, I wonder if the fact that many worms are whitish is a sign of something I'm doing wrong. It looks as if there is some process going on inside of them. Below is the best pic I could get without a harsher light, but some worms are even more whitish than this.

I've been feeding them only vegetables (cut up tiny), shredded cardboard bedding, sometimes leaves, sometimes eggshell powder. No protein or animal products.

There are also many red pinhead-sized critters in my worm bin. In one forum post, I was told that they're soil mites and harmless and that their presence indicates an overly acidic and wet environment. I've added powdered eggshells. The worms have been inside all winter. Maybe it got too dry, although I did spray. I'm clueless.

Thank you!


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