How to get ants out of a worm farm?

by Stephan
(Cape Town and Radevormwald)

Worm farm island! Prevents ants from entering the worm bin!

Worm farm island! Prevents ants from entering the worm bin!


Hi Stephan--

Do you have any good tips for getting ants out of the compost? I realized today
that I have a mega ant factory in my worm bin.

Any advise would be appreciated.




The problem with ants in your worm farm is quite common as ants can find lots of good food sources in a well run worm farm. So they are essentially competing
with the worms for the organic waste you are adding to your worm bin.

A good way to discourage ants to stay in your worm farm is to add more water to the bin. Ants dislike high moisture levels and will usually leave the worm bin if the bedding is very moist. Have a look at my article about the subject on my educational website

It will give you lots more information about the ant problem in worm farms and offers you a fool proof solution to get rid of ants once and for good!

If you have any further questions or replies please fill in one of the interactive forms that you will find at the bottom of most of my pages on that website and I will assist you asap.

I wish you continued success with your organic waste recycling project and am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards

Global Worming and

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Jan 23, 2017
Re: Mint leaves in worm farms to repell ants.
by: Stephan

Hello Renee,

thank you for your interesting suggestion! I've never tried this method but as a matter of fact I just discovered one of my worm farms (an old bathtub) being full of ants. I do have at the moment as well an surplus of fresh mint growing in my aquaponics grow bed so I will make a test to see how the ants react to a load of fresh mint?

Did you put the mint into a bin that was invaded by ants and they left shortly after that? How long did it take for the ants to leave and for how long have they stayed away?

Wishing you a great day and God's blessings for you and your family.

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert

Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

Editor of

Jan 21, 2017
Keeping ants out of worm farms
by: Renee

I discovered this by accident. Put fresh mint leaves in the bins. So far the ants haven't returned.

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