Unwanted creatures in my worm farm? How do I use worm tea?

by Stephan
(Cape Town and Radevormwald)

Mites in a worm farm

Mites in a worm farm

Hi Stephan

Long time to see.

However the reason I'm e-mailing you is the two pictures attached. Since
years of having your wormfarm bins I also notices these creatures... Any
idea what they are? Friendly??

Also another thing I'm still not too sure about... the "worm-tea"!?

What / how / where can i used it? So far I've been collecting it in big
20l drums...

I really would appreciate your fee(t)d back ;o)



Hello Jurgen, nice to hear from you. I am glad to hear that your worm farm is doing well and you are recycling your food waste and garden waste.

The creatures on your first picture are brown mites. Those are not really dangerous for your worms but they do compete with your worms for food. If they numbers become large, you can remove many of them by covering the surface of your worm farm with a sick soaked newspaper. After about 24 hours remove the newspaper which will have loads of mites on it. Repeat this a few times and you will have gotten rid of most of those mites.

The other picture shows mold. which is just taking part in the breaking down of your waste. Don't worry about it with time the worms will eat the mold as well.

The worm tea can be used as a natural pesticide is used as a foliage spray and as a plant food if added to the water that you use to give to your flowers and vegetables.

For more information have a look at www.worm-composting-help.com/worm-tea.html which is my new website with loads of information about worm composting.

Kind regards


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Dec 09, 2014
Sprintails in your worm farm!
by: Stephan

Hello Leon,

I am glad to hear that your worm farm is doing well. Although it would be best if you would send us a picture of the creatures in your worm farm I am pretty sure that it is "springtails" you are seeing on the surface and the sides of your bin.

Springtails like moist and damp environments and feed on mold and fungi. In this way they are actually helping your worms to break down the organic matter you add to your worm farm.

Springtails are useful and do not bite or harm human beings in an y way. If you want to get rid of them you will have to let the surface of the worm farm dry out. But be cautious and remember that worms will need an moist environment as well to survive.

I suggest you just leave them be. For more information on creatures you might find in your worm farm go to the site map of
my site and have a look at the articles "worm farm predators" and "worm farm inhabitants".

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards and blessings for you and your family


Stephan Kloppert

Dec 07, 2014
Pests, flies? in my wormfarm
by: Anonymous

Hi Stephan,

My worm farm is doing very well but I have noticed many little white worms, lots of them, against the lid and sides. they seem to become little flies, that I now have zillions of! How do I control this? Am I doing something wrong?
Leon Theron

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