Worm leachate vs. Worm tea

by Stephan

Worm Tea in a bucket

Worm Tea in a bucket


Can I just tap off the liquid from the bottom container of my worm farm and use the liquid from it like that on my plants or do I have to do your 24 hour fresh water and molasses brewing recipe to make worm tea?


Hello there are 2 kinds of beneficial liquids we are referring to when it comes to worm composting.

1. Worm leachate and
2. Worm tea

Worm leachate is the excess liquid that has run through the bedding of your worm farm and has been collected in the bottom bin. This leachate will have absorbed nutrients from the worm castings that have been produced inside the worm farm and can be used as is as a natural plant food and soil conditioner for plants. Please be advised that the leachate will only be beneficial for your flowers, lawn or vegetable plants if there are already fully processed worm castings in your worm farm. So it is usually advisable to wait for at least for 2 month before harvesting the first batch of worm leachate once a new worm farm has been started to give the worms some time to recycle the organic waste in their bin and convert it into nutrient rich plant food.

Although the leachate can be used to feed plants it is not as beneficial and potent as freshly brewed worm tea. Propper worm tea should be freshly brewed. It can be brewed using either water or worm leachate. The liquid of your choice should be mixed with molasses and worm castings and heavily aerated for up to 24 hours.

This will allow the beneficial microorganisms of the worm castings to multiply rapidly and improve the potency and effectiveness of the end product.

You will find out more about worm tea on the following page of my website


So if you have the time and equipment to brew your own worm tea it might be worth your while but even worm leachate will help to feed and nurture your garden plants.

Kind regards

Stephan Kloppert
Author of "How to start a profitable worm business on a shoestring budget"

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